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    Kippah / Knit / Knit-27
Knit-27  Knit Kippah
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NOTE: Color appearance of the kippot online may differ slightly depending on browser and dyelots.

Available Trimmings:

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Knit-27 Knit Kippah
These are hand knitted kippot made of the finest threads and with the best craftsmanship PLEASE NOTE Color, style, and size may vary du to multiple people crocheting these kippot. We can make custom designs and color please contact us for more info
Regular lead time is about 2-4 weeks. Faster turnaround is available for an additional charge
 Specs / Price
Color: Knit-27
Price: $3.00   per piece
Min. Order: 60
Qty: pc. Price: $3.00   per piece

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