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    Kipah / Suede / Navy Blue
Navy Blue Suede Kipah
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NOTE: Color appearance of the kippot online may differ slightly depending on browser and dyelots.

Available Trimmings:

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Navy Blue Suede Kipah
Our SUEDE Kippot are custom handmade of the finest cowhide leather. Each kippa is made of 4 panels, Trimmings are optional, we personalize the kipot at no extra charge with a minimum order of 60 pieces
Regular lead time is about 2-4 weeks. Faster turnaround is available for an additional charge
 Specs / Price
Color: Navy Blue
Price: $2.49   per piece
Min. Order: 60
Qty: pc. Price: $2.49   per piece

Special Trim:

Rush Job:

Imprint Text:
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Customer Reviews  
I had a good experience regarding customizing a skull-cap with text. They helped me with a specific problem regarding Hebrew display problem and had assured me that even though the web site does not show the correct display, they will make it OK. If you are interested in details: Adding punctuation inside Hebrew text or mixing Hebrew and English, can lead to incorrect order of the characters. The website generates a confirmation GIF that may seem incorrect, but the final product got delivered perfect as promised. Will definitely use them again. Ami Avivi, Houston
A. Avivi