Ke073 Sfaradi

Gold accents and colored Jerusalemd Scene spice up this classic and delightful Sefer Hakidush. This 124 page Sefer Hakidush, displays an artistic border on every page. All Hebrew clear text are printed on fine glossy pages. You can be sure there will not be a single piece left at the end of your event. Includes full Shabbat Zemirot, Birkat Hamazon, Sheva Berachot and kiddushim for al the chagim. Plus Chassidic songs.

3.50 each

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Rush Job

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Min. Order 75 (A $20 setup charge will apply to orders 1-24 pcs, A $10 setup charge will apply to orders 25-59 pcs )
Panels/Pages: 124
Size 61/8" x 41/8"
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