Price: 2.39 each

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0-24 $4.99
25-47 $3.99
48-60 $2.89
61-200 $2.39
201+ $2.29
6.5 inches

Hot Pink Raw silk Kippah

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All new Yarmulke made out of textured RAW SILK are elegant and stylish. They are custom handmade and fully lined. Each kippah is made of 4 panels, in which buttons and trimmings are optional. Order you Silk personalized kippah at no extra charge with a minimum order of 5 dozen. These exquisite raw silk kippot also have a button hole on the inside lining of the kippah, for the kippah clip to be inserted. Kippah clips are sold separately.

Step 1: Choose Style and Quantity
($0.18 Each)
Special Trim
Rush Job
Step 2: Personalize Your Kippot
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