Price: 1.99 each

Quantity Price (each)
0-24 $3.29
25-59 $2.39
60-120 $1.99
121-200 $1.89
201+ $1.79
These kippot are approximately 9 in. in diameter. They have a high dome and poofy shape.

Gold (optional Trim) Turquoise Satin Kippah

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Our SATIN yarmulkes are custom handmade of the finest bridle satin fabric. Each Satin kippah is made of 6 panels and lined in white. Buttons and Trimmings are optional. The Satin kippah are personalized at no extra charge with a minimum order of 5 dozen. Custom Satin Kippah for Weddings, Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah

Step 1: Choose Style and Quantity
Button on top of Kippah
($0.18 Each)
Rush Job
Step 2: Personalize Your Kippot
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2 review for Gold (optional Trim) Turquoise Satin Kippah
Sharon J. P.

Everything was absolutely PERFECT! The shipment came quickly and was packed beautifully. I'd definitely recommend them to ANYONE.

Carolyn Keen

they came in yesterday and are beautiful!!! thank you!!