Q.  i am wondering if you send samples

A. If you want a complete sample you can place an order online for one piece if you want swatches please email to sales@skullcap.com  and will gladly send you the samples

Q. I am looking for kippot with only the Israeli flag. Do you have this option? Looking for 100. ? Cost Thanks!

A. We have an American and Ireali flag together on a kippah under custom kippahs.

Q. Do you make custom caps?

A. you can look through the design suede or custom kippah options. Or you can provide us the material and we can make them for you.

Q. How to get my order quicker that 2-4 weekds

A. We do have a rush job, it is an additional 20% of your order total and that will take 1 week and additional 1 to 3 days for shipping.

Q. : Can you help me create a proof?

A. We have a step by step guide on our website if you do need extra help you could give us a call or send an email to sales@skullcap.com after placing the order.

Q. Hi was wondering how you can do/order a suede kippah with different coloring panels. I was looking to do black green and white. Thank you.

A. Yes we do have the multi colour suede on our website

Q. ello, I would like to add a logo to the outside of the Kippot. I understand the charge of $35. But do I need to indicate an outside print method? Is it a flat fee of $35 and then an additional $1.50 for each Kippot? Thanks

A. Yes that’s correct, this is for outside logo, and screen printing is additional $1.50 per kippah.

Q.  Hi. I want to personalize the inside of the kippah. Do I need to move the text box to show where I want it printed? I want it to be appear at the bottom of the inside

A. We adjust it in the center of the panel

Q.  can you add personalization to knit kippahs?

A. Yes on the inside, we iron on a label for the imprint.

Q. We have a wholesale account (Rave Reviews) and wanted to check pricing with you for black suede 0-24 quantity and 24-45 quantity

A. $4.00 for 1-24 and 25 to 45 is 3.25

Q. Hi, I am interested in seeing a catalogue of options and also seeing how the personalization of your own logo looks. Thanks!

A. We have all our listed items on our website A1skullcap, and about the logo you could send us an email to see how a sample will look to sales@skullcap.com

Q. How do i center the text on the inside of kippah?

A. We look through the orders when we proccess them, and we will center it if we see its not centered.

Q.  I need some help with a design on a bencher. When I try to personalize it, the bencher image stays on the screen

A. This is just a sample it will not look like this, You can request to see a new proof from our end in the comment box, you will see the comment box when you fill in shipping information.

Q. : What color and material is on the inside of the black and white linen yarmulkas

A. It is lined in white cotton.

Q.  I would like to know how long is going to take to make 75 yarmulkes

A. Orders take a minimum of 2 weeks it can take upto 4 weeks.

Q. Hello, Is it possible to do a different font than arial for personalized kippahs? Also, I'd like to upload a monogram and then have our names and wedding date below the logo. Is it possible to have the logo printed in silver as well so it matches the text

A. The suede kipahs there is only ariel font, There is an option to make a new plate which allows you to choose the font it is an extra $25 one time fee, the rest of the matiriels you can choose the font. About the logo you can have it match in silver.

Q. Hi. Which fabric is best if you don’t want to have to use a clip.

A. The larger kippahs like satin, morie or velvet

Q. What color is the inside of a hot pink suede kipper?

A. Also pink.

Q. Want to check on my order confirmation to make sure my purchase was shipped

A. Whats your order number?

Q. I am looking for a small elegant bencher- Hebrew/English for a wedding with Sheva brachos

A. You can look through our hebre english options on our website

Q. Do upcoming Christmas and New Year's weeks make a significant disruption to production time?

A. Yes as the Delivery time can take longer than usuall

Q. Hi there, I am based in the UK and looking for a large quantity of Kippot (10-15k) on a regular basis. Do you ship to the UK?

A. Yes we do international shipping there is a starting charge of $65

Q. Hi there, I would like to purchase 150 linen kippot. I would like it to split in two colours of Ivory and Olive. I would also like to have the same logo inserted on the inside. Would I have to pay $50 for each colour meaning $100 or can I just pay $50?

A. If the logo will be the same, and the imprint colour the same there will only be 1 charge of $50 dollars.

Q. Hi -please let me know how much shipping to Sydney Australia costs? -if i order 80 ivory deluxe satin kippot with personalisation, when will i receive the order

A. International shipping is $65 depending on the weight it could be more, order can take a while to Australia

Q. what are your least expensive personalized kipper

A. Satin Kippah

Q. How much to add an outside logo to a kippa? For around 80 kippot Thanks

A. Screen printing is an additional $1.50 per kippah and $35 dollar logo fee, and embroidery is and extra $2.50 per kippah and $35 logo fee.

Q. What is a special trim

A. You could choose a different colour for the trim its an extra 0.49 cents per kippah

Q.  I order kippot for Congregation B'nai Israel in Millburn NJ. Please let me know where I can find your wholesale price list.

A. Please log in to your wholesale accound andall the wholesale prices are listed there.

Q. I need to return an order what is the process

A. What is the isuue with the order?

Q. How long does an order usually take to process

A. 2 to 4 weeks

Q. my order just arrived and the kippahs have stitching on the outside and the gold trim is opening up I want to return all of them

A. Please send us some images to sales@skullcap.com and we wil review it, if its something on our end we will send you a ups label so you could ship them back and we will refund you once we receive them.

Q. I'm ordering 201 of the velvet kippot, which has a price of 2.75 but in the cart it's at $3.26

A. It could be because you added a trim, trim is an extra 0.49 cents

Q. is it possible that in the 5 line text each line should be a different font size? thank you

A. Yes you can let us know in the comment box

Q. What size is the normal size or recommended size to order?

A. 6.5 inch in diemiter depending on the size of the head.

Q. Hello, we are looking for a kippah for my daughters bat mitzvah. She wants yellow with a smiley face on it. Is that something you can do? We are looking to order a bunch and personalize with her name on the inside.

A. Yes we sell the emojie smiley face, under the design suede kippahs.

Q. Where on the order do you add the text for the inside monogram

A. Inside personalization, you will see a grapgh to type it in.

Q. I haven't ordered in many years, but I have a client needing Kippot for a Bat Mitzvah. I need to know if I can still buy wholesale. And let's start with how much basic personalized Kippot retail for.

A. In order to place a wholesale order you would need atleast 5orders a year to qualify for wholesale price.

Q. : i am placing an order for kippos of $250 and i am being charged 9.95 for shipping

A. We will take off the shipping cost. You can add that in the comment box when you proceed with the order.

Q. Hi. I want to personalize the inside of the kippah. Do I need to move the text box to show where I want it printed? I want it to be appear at the bottom of the inside

A. You can let us know in the comment box, you will see it when you fill in shipping info, and ask for a new proof so you could see how it will look before we proceed with the order, its usually sent to your email.

Q. We're looking to order 100x Navy Blue Linen Kippot. We don't need any personalization. Do you have these in inventory or would it be a special order.

A. Yes we have the kippot in house so we can send them out faster as its lank kippot. Suede get sewn so that could take a little longer.

Q. What is the cost of raw silk kippah with a 2 color embroidered logo

A. We would need to see the log please send it as a pdf to sales@skullcap.com and specify what colours you would like.

Q. What is the minimum fee charge

A. We have a minimum of 60 if you get less there is a minimum fee.

Q. What is the minimum for benchers

A. 75

Q. What is a button

A. Its at the top of the kippah its an additional 0.18 cents it adds some elegants to the kippah.

Q. How do I apply for wholesale account

A. you can request for the aplication through our email sales@skullcap.com

Q. Were is the store located if I want to come by

A. It is 1212 36 Street Brooklyn NY 11218

Q. Do you offer free shipping

A. Yes if your order total is $150 or more worth of kippahs you will qualify for free shipping.

Q. Do you have a slot for the clips

A. Yes its sewn in in the lining.

Q. Do you ship to canada

A. We do shipping stats at 46 dollars dependinmg on the weight

Q. Why am I being charged a few minimum fee's?

A. It could be because you changed around the order a few times, it does happen sometimes, we will take it off and only charge you one fee.

Q. What is the usuall size for a talis for a 13 year old

A. size 18

Q. eWhat number can I call if I have questions?

A. 718.633.9333

Q. What is the price for clips?

A. 20 cents each

Q. Do you have the large size in linen

A. Yes its 8 inches in diamiter

Q. What is the minimum kippahs

A. 60 of qauntity

Q. How do you ship your packages


Q. How much does it cost to do embroidery on a logo?

A. it is an extra $2.50 per kippah and a $35 logo fee

Q. How much is a logo

A. Screen printing is an additional $1.50 per kippah and $35 dollar logo fee, and embroidery is and extra $2.50 per kippah and $35 logo fee.

Q. What is the cost of shipping outside the USA?

A. Starts at $65 depending on the weight

Q. Can I choose my own design for deisgn suede?

A. If you want a custom design, we can do that for additional set up fee of $150

Q. Will I get a new proof before you proceed with the bencher order

A. Yes you can request one by email or let us know in the comment box, the comment box you will see once your put in your shipping info.

Q. How much does it the plate fee for a logo on a bencher?

A. It is $50.00

Q. Do you have a cumpony tag in the kippah?

A. Yes

Q. How much is international shipping

A. Depending on the weight it starts at $65

Q. Do you ship international

A. Yes

Q. Do you print logo's on the outside?

A. Yes embroidery or screen printing

Q. What are the color options for imprints on the inside

A. Black,silver or gold

Q.  am ready to order 125 RSLG kippot with inside personalization but also want to order 10 sku: DW with same personalisation for price over a hundred

A. If the imprint and the imprint color is the same you will be able to get it for the same price, we will adjust it on our end.

Q. Hello can I add a logo to any of the Kippot on the website?

A. You can upload it if its not working you can always send it to our email after placing the order, to sales@skullcap.com

Q. I am trying to add my kipper to cart but it keeps asking me to select a color

A. You can try reloading the page and open a new browser

Q. Hello. How do you print on the felt kipah

A. It getst stamped straight from a mechine

Q. I want to confirm that the information I provided is the insdie label not a log on the exterior

A. Yes all imprints get done on the inside, unless special request

Q. Is it possible to have the inside of the kippot green?

A. Yes it will be an additional $1.50 per kippah.

Q. i: When I add a logo to the outside of a kippah, will it automatically be embroidered in the colors in the picture of the logo? Or do I need to select an embroidery color?

A. You should select the embroidery color.

Q. Hi! Do you have any active discount codes? Looking to order for my wedding

A. If you get 60 kippahs and up there will be no minimum fee and imprint will be included.

Q. what does the special trim look like on the kippahs

A. you can choose from the selected color options on the website.

Q. Hi I want to place an order and personalize inside.

A. You can personalize it on the website by selecting inside personalization.

Q.  whats the difference between sample and international minimum when i check out

A. Sample shipping is when you buy a single piece and international would be when it ships to a different country which starts at $65

Q.  Do you print directly on the kippot or on a label

A. Mostly directly with the knitt the imprint gets ironed on to a lable.

Q. I am trying to check the wholesale pricing on your Kippot. I am unable to log in. I wanted the wholesale prices for suede, raw silk, deluxe satin, embossed and sports kippot. Thanks.

A. Please check that your username and password is put it correctly.

Q. SKU K12 Blue with white Blocks design. Crochet. Could you please tell me, What size in inches is this kippa>

A. The knitt are handmade there between 6 to 7 inch we aim for 6.5

Q. Can you please tell me which kippot are 7" and larger?

A. We have either 6.25,6.5 or 8 inch in di

Q.  how do i order the 8" grey wool kipput

A. We have a comment box when you fill in your shipping information you could let us know that you would like the larger size.

Q. I just want a simple large burlap turquoise kappa. I am a professional musician and play at many simchas. If you enclose a few cards I will “ spread the word” about your products. Thank you.

A. You can buy it on our website

Q.  do you send me a mockup of my design on the front before it prints?

A. Yes you can request a proof by sending an email to sales@skullcap.com

Q. What is the inside color of the kippah

A. the inside is white lining