Kippot and Yarmulkes factory tour
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Take a glimps in to the kippot and Yarmulkah factory

How do we make the kippot

There's more than just fabric in a kippah. We put 50 years of experience, old-world attention to detail, and uncompromising quality, into every skullcap. You can buy our products with confidence.
  The Factory is located in Boro Park, Brooklyn - Judaica capital of the world. 90% of Boro Park males wear yarmulkes all the time - and local shops join retailers across the country in ordering their yarmulkes from A-1. Around the corner or across the continent, A-1 clients get A-1 quality - and A-1 service!
Cutting. Meet Baruch, professional cutter at A1 Skullcaps. He operates this hydraulic machine, to cut kippot and yarmulkes perfectly. The machine exerts two tons of pressure to cut fine satin, tough leather, and any of the other fabrics we use, to perfection for the kippot.
Shaindel has fifty years of sewing experience. Now, she lends her expertise to your clients' yarmulkes. Shaindel and 20 others sewers on our factory floor sew each kippah, using top-quality fabrics and thread.
  Finishing - Gold and silver, braid and twist - each yarmulke is finished, in one of an astounding array of trims. The yarmulke looks done - but it's not ready, until a trained inspector makes sure that is meets A-1's kippot tough quality standard.
Stamping - Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and function kippot yarmulkes get one more touch - custom stamping. Chaim, our on-staff printer, takes orders, makes a custom printing plate, and prints the underside of each yarmulke, creating a masterpiece souvenir.
  Shipping - customer service at A-1 makes your yarmulke buying experience complete. Call A-1, at 1.800.4.KIPPAS, and get to know service, firsthand.
A1 Skullcap
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Brooklyn, NY 11218
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Matt Feff, President

Kippot Jewish heads everywhere. For over fifty years, Judaica retailers and their customers have come to appreciate the value we stitch into every kippah. Now, we bring the world's largest yarmulke source to you.
The yarmulkes and kippots bear the distinctive stamp of quality, and a half-century of experience and expertise. Plus, you can choose from our extensive selection, including classics like satin, moiré, velvet, and velour, and the latest contemporary leather, suede, foils, and specialty yarmulke styles. Choose a color to suit your taste, or your decor; and complement it with the perfect trim. Then, custom stamp the underside, to create a cherished wedding or bar/bat mitzvah memento.